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Session 1: Materials and Microscopy (Think Small)

The first segment of the four-part series will be entirely on microscopy. You will be introduced to the Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), and the Optical Microscope (OM). The maximum magnifications are 3,000,000X and 400X, respectively. For the SEM the sample can be very thick, because we are only looking at the surface of the sample. For the OM the sample can any thickness, because we can look at it with either reflected or transmitted light.

In the SEM segment, we will look at the surface of metal objects to see microstructure and defects. We will also discuss the use of the SEM to determining the chemical (elemental) makeup of a sample using the EDAX technique.

Finally, in the OM segment, we will look at some materials found in the everyday world.

We will principally look at "thermally sprayed" materials and their interfaces. Because, a great deal of the strength and durability of these new and exiciting materials is related to the microstructural properties at the surface and "spray-interface".

Other microscope pictures are located on our data page.

Scanning Electron Microscope

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