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Throughout the millenia, humanity has advanced due to the ability to make new and better tools, because of new and better materials. Our great great great great......foreparents made possible the Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age, etc..... which created a better world for all of us. Now we have recently witnessed the Steel Age, Plastic Age, and Silicon Age. Materials Science and Engineering seeks to study metals, polymers, semiconductors, and ceramics inorder to learn how to better prepare the components/tools of our new world.

Our four-part program will study some of the fundamental properties of many samples (Metals, Powders, Ceramics, and Polymers) using microscopy, diffraction, and mechanical testing. There will be a distinct emphasis on Thermally Sprayed Materials, which are a new and exciting class of "engineered interfaces". In the fourth and final session, you will create some of these sprayed materials in the Center for Thermal Spray Research.

  • Session 1: Materials and Microscopy (Think Small)
  • Session 2: Interference and Diffraction (think smaller)
  • Session 3: Metal Truss Bridges (aka: stress me!)
  • Session 4: Spray Day (make my day..........)
  • USB: Final Presentations
  • Added stuff: RapidPrototyping (3d Printing), Viscosity, Non-Contact Thermometry

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