ESM 350, Structure and Electronic Properties of Solids


Course Outline and Syllabus

This course consists of a lecture,
laboratory and recitation component.


In lecture we will continue the
statistics modules begun in ESM 312.

We will cover:

There will be a midterm in April covering this material.


Part A:
The first six weeks of the laboratory section will
involve a mini-research project on modifying the energy
of a surface by various coating processes. You will then
learn several procedures to characterize the surface coating.

The final laboratory report will be in the form of a
publication which we will try to submit to the Journal
of Undergraduate Research. You are encouraged to be
creative and we hope original results will be obtained.

Rules of the laboratory session:
You must keep a notebook. The TA must sign
your notebook with data after each session.
You must submit a progress report to the TA
in the Friday recitation following each Monday session.

The report must be approximately two pages long.
It should summarize the goal of the experiment,
the method used, details of the specific apparatus,
data tables, charts and analysis.

A full laboratory report is due the week following
completion of the project. The full report will contain
references and be in manuscript form. The format for the
journal publication will be distributed in lecture.

Part B:
In the latter part of the session you will perform
three additional experiments. They are:
The Hall Effect
Fracture Toughenss
The Magneto-Optic Effect

The recitation will be conducted like a mini-group
meeting with the TA as the group leader. A student
will be asked to report on the progress in the lab for
the group. Expect quizzes on the statistics component
and the details of the labs.

02/11/02 JQ.