ESM 350, Structure and Electronic Properties of Solids

Homework 3:  Gaussian Distribution  

Using the values from Homework#2:
Best Fit Calculations:

1.  Re-bin the results in the table so that no bin
    has fewer than 5 events (Chauvenets).

2.  Using the equations you derived find a1 and a0 for a 
    linear regression fit of N(x) vs (X-x)^2 . 
    Compare with result of step 5 above. 

3.  Find the error of a0 and a1. 

4.  Calculate the standard deviation of the mean from 
    the fit values and compare with the value found in step 1. 

5.  Calculate chi square for this linear fit. 

6.  Calculate the regression coefficient for this linear fit and 
    compare with the value generated by the Excel program

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