ESM 350, Structure and Electronic Properties of Solids

New grading policy for ESM 350:

1. Laboratory assignments:  50%
2. Midterm :                15%
3. Final:                   15%
4. Oral  Presentation:      10%
5. Portfolio:                5%
6. Homework /participationr: 5%

The Portfolio: The Department of Materials Science and Engineering is
introducing the concept of "Student Portfolios" for each course. 

The Portfolio is due on the last day of classes. You should be assembling
it continuously duting the semester, so no extra time is needed!

The portfolio should contain the following sections separated by TABS:   

1. A brief (one page max.) resume which has your name, class standing,
major, and any other pertinent infomation that you may wish a potential
employer of grad school officer to see, i.e., High school completed etc...

2. All of your homework assignments 
I will check them. A separate grade on homework will be given for timely submission and class participation. 3. All of your exams 4. All of your returned laboratory reports 5. Hard copy of oral presentation Xerox copies of all documents will be accepted if you wish to retain the originals.

02/25/02 JQ.